AnnaMaria Pinaka (GR, 1983)
Video | Film, Photography, Performance, Mixed Media
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Echtenstein 117a
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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AnnaMaria Pinaka

AnnaMaria Pinaka is a visual artist; her work is in lens-based media (photography and video) and performance, informed by the intimacies of private life, the domestic realm, traditions of diarism and low-techness. She is pursuing her practice-as-research PhD studies in the Department of Theatre and Performance at Roehampton University. A particular focus of her work, as an artist and a researcher, is sexualised imagery – including re-appropriations of pornographic representation – to explore ways in which close human relationships are lived and experienced, in the ordinariness of social and familial connection, or the ecstasies of the everyday.