Caroline Prast (NL, 1964)
Painting, Drawing

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Kruitberg 2007A
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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Caroline Prast

“Whenever I draw, I want to signify, inhabit a space in the world. I open up all registers; I hum and sing or play the piano before I start creating. With this I certainly feel the chora* in myself. My fingers dance to the music and my hands dance on the sheet of paper. What is first: the movement in myself or the form that arises out of this? It seems that music is simultaneously subordinate to and very important for my creative process.

The only problem I have with Julia Kristeva, is that she limits this emancipatory activity to create a theory in which the so-called feminine domain complements the male domain. When she suggests that women cannot be a subject within the symbolic order, because this is a prerogative of men, she stops being an inspiration to me. How can women be artists if they are no subject according to the metaphysics of culture?”

*Chora is a term developed by Julia Kristeva that stands for the double (maternal) basis of culture. Due to its non-linguistic character this supplements the male nature.

From: "Signifying a place in the world "; a short art philosophical text for the HKU, 2012.