Cary Speksnijder (NL)
Painting, Mixed Media, Design

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Kruitberg 1002A
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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Cary Speksnijder

Cary Speksnijder develops her artistic practice at two different locations: in her studio in Amsterdam Southeast and in her studio in Ubud Bali. The differences between these locations are reflected in her work. In both places Cary explores the dynamics between stillness and movement, the variety of human emotions and the relation to nature, but because the culture of these environments is so different there is a clear distinction in the outcome. The work she produces in Bali is very colourful and dynamic, while the works she creates in Amsterdam have a more modest character. Cary makes objects from paper. Her works start with painting paper after which the paper is often stitched, glued, folded or worked upon. The end result of this process can be either a painting or the paper works form the basis for jewellery, dresses, platters or a different kind of object. The last year paintings and objects of Cary developed into fusions: combinations of different materials and of text and image.