Cindy Moorman (NL, 1976)
Performance, Mixed Media, Drawing, Painting
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Florijn 42
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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Cindy Moorman

In her work Cindy Moorman investigates the relationship between the individual and the group. The strength of the group, the connecting element, the need to surrender to this but also the fragility of that commitment, are themes that run through her work. Performance is the core of the work but around her performances she creates a collection of various visual works in which she prepares and examines the theme of the performance. This collection ranges from drawings, collages, paintings and publications to meetings with psychologists, sociologists or philosophers. Ultimately the work is the combination of the performance and the collection of visual objects. The image languages she uses range from figurative and recognisable to abstract and formative. By abstracting recognisable situations she tries to expose underlying human constructions.

Cindy lives and works in Amsterdam. Her work has, amongst others, been shown at: the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam; the Twente Biennale in Enschede; the Museum for Modern Art in Arnhem; the W139 in Amsterdam; Lost & Found in Amsterdam; the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven; P/////AKT in Amsterdam and TENT in Rotterdam.