Dagmar de Kok-Ngobese (NL, 1977)
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Kruitberg 1002B
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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Dagmar de Kok

The basis of the artistic process of Dagmar de Kok is formed by a combination of visual stimuli from everyday life and her sense of history informed by studying, literature and visual arts.

Her recent work is inspired by several well-known (South) African folktales. These tales have been told for hundreds of years within the African oral tradition. Dagmar has translated these age-old stories in clay while also adding typical South African everyday life elements. Folktales often contain multiple hidden layers. Different characters can express the universal themes. In this the folktale differs from mythology that exists of merely one version of a particular story. The folktale does not refer to a particular community or nation; in fact animals almost always represent the characters. Animals play a key role and are used to express life lessons in an evocative manner. Due to this themes of betrayal and cruelty are brought indirectly rather than shockingly and are for this reason child friendly. The sculptures of Dagmar do not tell a complete story either; viewers are invited to make their own story or to seek for the inspiration of the artist.