Natalia Pershina Yakimanskay (RU, 1969)
Video | Film, Spatial, Drawing
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Since 1995 Gluklya deals with clothing in her project Factory of Found Clothes (FFC ). For her clothing symbolizes a utopian relationship.
Clothing serves as a safe haven and is, in the hierarchy of things, the most precious companion of man. Of all material objects clothes are nearest to us.
Clothes also function as a line between our inner world and society. Since 2010 Gluklya has realized many participatory art projects in which clothing
functions as a tool. The idea that the personal is political forms a starting point in her practice. Through conversations Gluklya tries to build a strong
relationship with the participants. Clothes fulfil the role of "buffer" since clothes create room for dialogue. In The Moving Museum of Clothes
the collection of FEC is supplemented by outcomes of new collaborations. In the immediate vicinity of SouthEast Gluklya invites neighbours to
bring along a piece of clothing that captures a story or a secret. In the course of the project the clothes undergo a transformation led by the artist. The
artist creates new layers of meaning for the clothes based on the stories of participants. Amsterdam Southeast is the ideal environment for Gluklya to
reflect upon (lost) possibilities of utopian thought and the engineered society.