Hamid El Kanbouhi (MA, 1976)
Painting, Performance, Mixed Media, Drawing

Oma Ietje →

Kruitberg 2007B
Saturday + Sunday



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Hamid El Kanbouhi

Many artists entice their audiences to look at and analyse their works. Caressing to be caressed? Hamid El Kanbouhi does not do this. Particularly in his installations he is seeking the confrontation. With drawings, paintings, texts, objects (found and made), and sometimes a performance or a video, he invites the viewer into a space, a world, ‘a place of liberation.’ A viewer must enter this space to see and experience everything, but s/he also comes into view. The assessor is being assessed. A visitor is surrounded by a setting which, although recognisable –because it resembles a teahouse, a casting agency, a meeting place for youngsters for example– gives rise to confusion with the multitude of contrasting elements, such as objects or orchestrations that catch ones bad qualities (e.g. materialism or hypocrisy), drawings that test one’s (pre)judgments about other cultures, or texts that disrupt due to their punitive tone ("this rooms smells of ignorance", "Fuck You") or because they are illegible. The artist takes all freedom and allows a viewer the freedom of interpretation to gain insight, to achieve liberation.

This is a translation of an excerpt from a text written by Rob Perrée.