Imre Bergmann (NL)
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Echtenstein 112B
Saturday + Sunday
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Imre Bergmann

Imre Bergmann’s work is characterised by a certain simplicity and minimalism. Her objects often contain a (underlying) message. The Positive Vibes tableware collection with cheerful prints and texts like ‘enjoy your day’, ‘taste with your senses’ and ‘relaxing cup of tea’ may cause people to reflect upon the fact that eating can be a moment of rest and that it is important to enjoy your food. Waste not wasted is a collection of unglazed vases. These vases are created from casts of (disposable) everyday plastic packaging. By creating these ‘worthless’ everyday objects in (coloured) porcelain Imre tries to give these objects renewed value, durability and beauty. Her porcelain necklaces also come with a positive or funny message: ‘joy’, ‘sweet’, ‘love’, ‘nerd’ etc. Imre prefers working with pure and natural materials and in particular with porcelain, because these materials have certain distinctive characteristics and a special tactility. Baked porcelain can be very hard, unglazed porcelain however can have a very fine texture. To maintain this fine structure Imre chooses to leave certain works unglazed.