Jesper Buursink (NL, 1981)
Mixed Media, Drawing
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Kruitberg 2006A
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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Jesper Buursink

Jesper Buursink is a freelance (documentary) radio maker. He creates documentaries and reports for broadcasting companies such as VPRO, KRO, VARA and NTR on various subjects, such as a notorious Amsterdam swindler, the rare common redstart and the contemporary art scene of Benin.

Jesper studied Art History, specialising in non-Western art and theory. Soon after his studies he entered the radio profession at VPRO. Besides making radio he works in various worlds; he worked for UNESCO as a consultant in Tanzania (maritime archeology), lived and worked in Benin as a documentary filmmaker and has worked for the contemporary exhibition space W139 in Amsterdam.

Jesper has an eye and ear for stories and tries to catch these in his own way. Currently he is working on several radio and film documentary projects. His interest in stories and images is also reflected in his drawings. He draws the world based on journalist photos, but creates a new story by disengaging these photos from their context.

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