Kirsten Hutsch (NL)
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Kirsten Hutsch

Kirsten Hutsch graduated from ABK in Maastricht, the Netherlands with a specialization in sculpture, and stayed at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. In her work she investigates the relationship between reality and the image. Her current work is an ontological movement away from postmodernism and embraces a new kind of materialism in which there is room for the ambiguity of the real, material and sensory status of an object. For Hutsch, her anti-heroic gesture to the canvas is the most important, simple forms as a left behind by a concierge's mop or the squeegee of a window cleaner. She derives her inspiration from the use of common or everyday gestures that are inherently connected to the duties of working people. In her search for "reality", conventional methods and representations are overthrown in order to bring about a specific reality. Since 2016 Kirsten has been working in a studio in Kruitberg at OAZO.