Lena Davidovich (BY, 1970)
Video | Film, Performance, Mixed Media
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Kruitberg 1005b
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 19:00



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Lena Davidovich

Lena Davidovich characterises her work as autobiographical, however she does not share personal narratives but retells existing stories in her own way. The situations that interest her are situations that cause a tension or crisis. The theme of crisis is not merely conceived from a negative point of view, as a moment of collapse, rather they bring forth a moment of honesty in which the real condition of society comes to the surface. Lena considers this specific moment of transition to be a moment of new opportunities and as an opening for new perspectives.

Currently she is working on a video performance under the working title Rise up, My Love. The title and the text derive from Song of Solomon 2:12-14. The recent conflict in Ukraine formed the impetus for this work. During the working process Lena became friends with immigrants from Syria that recently moved to Europe in order to escape the war in their country. During their discussions she found out that, despite cultural differences, the political situations in Belarus, Ukraine and Syria hold many similarities. This motivated her to use Arabic as one of the languages for the performance. Moreover she recorded her friends’ voices for the video sound. Currently she is working on a Dutch and Belorussian version of the performance.