Lisa Hartog (NL, 1966)
Video | Film, Painting, Spatial, Photography, Performance, Mixed Media, Drawing
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Kruitberg 2006A
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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Lisa Hartog

To make visible what needs to be visible. Searching? Lonely? Alienated? Connected? (in)vulnerable? Hurt, despaired? Surprised? In her work Lisa Hartog makes general what is individual. In her work experience is more important than explanation, while meaning generally is more important than formal aspects. Her intuitive research connects her themes and method of working. An intuitive process, an interaction and cooperation between the work, the matter and herself, guide her way of working. The idea determines the image carrier, this is the reason for Lisa to work in various media; photography, film, live performance, painting (watercolour and acrylic paint), drawing (charcoal) and sculpture (clay).

Lisa will graduate next year from the Fine Art department of The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Last year her films Who's watching and Blue were projected on the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, she designed costumes for the reconstruction of the Russian Futurist opera Victory over the Sun by Het Slavisch Toneel which was a.o. performed at the Drents Museum, Metro Movies - short film festival in Amsterdam presented her film We.