Jennifer Picken (UK, 1981)
Spatial, Photography, Performance, Mixed Media
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Echtenstein 117a
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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Prefix-poly is a visual artist. In her artistic practice she explores the dualities of desire and repulsion within her female-bodied self and her childhood fantasies of masculinity, where she is in possession of the masculine gaze. As she [b]looms further and further towards womanhood she tries to order and make sense of what is it is to be fe-male, or anything in-between. Make-believe characters weave throughout her practice, herself again and again; in drag, pregnant with sexuality, fornicating within internal abscesses, a reverse birth canal of abject arseholes. Puerile fantasy and adult longing grease against one another, in their attempt to assimilate they slip in-between.

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