Ramaz Goiati (GE, 1966)
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Kruitberg 1005A
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Ramaz Goiati

The works of Ramaz Goiati are hard to elucidate. The working process of the artist seems impulsive, associative and unpredictable. The works have their three-dimensionality in common but move freely within this. (...) His work is narrative, they tell stories, fairy tales in an almost childlike form but as with fairy tales this form is there to do justice to the severity and cruelty of the subject. It is the contrast that creates the desired effect. (...) The works of Goiati make one think of the sculptures of the Spanish artist Juan Munoz. His works are bigger, so as a viewer you can create a direct relationship with them, but they also have an ‘unfinished appearance’, are partially handmade, natural or neutral coloured and they also tell a story. In Goiati’s work these stories are socially informed whereas in the work of Munoz the story is more free-floating. The first confronts the viewer with content; the second confronts the viewer with size and outer appearance.

Translated excerpt from a text written by Rob Perrée.

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