Milan Raven (NL, 1980)
Timon Raven (NL, 1982)
Jacob Lucas (NL, 1987)
Mitchell Vincent van Ommeren (NL, 1989)
Video | Film, Performance, Music
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Florijn 34A
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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Raven Bros.

Raven Bros. is an Amsterdam based production team. They compose music, craft recordings and release productions. Raven Bros. produced tracks for the award winning performances of Hip Hop duo's M.O. & Brakko (Grote Prijs van Nederland 2008) and Dret & Krulle (Grote Prijs van Nederland 2009). They produced a.o. the album Koester for M.O. & Brakko and music for the art project Waiting for Buses and Birds in cooperation with Moniek Toebosch at Amsterdam Central Station. In May 2015 the Raven Bros. launched their latest album Ravennest: the debut album by the Hip Hop collective from the Bijlmermeer area in Amsterdam going under the same name.