Remy Jungerman (SR, 1959)
Spatial, Mixed Media
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Remy Jungerman

Remy Jungerman was born in Moengo and has lived in Amsterdam since 1990. His work is intrinsically related to his Surinamese origins and is centred on global citizenship in today’s society. Remy uses collages, sculptures and installations to show cultural critique(s) of the local and the global, the internal and the external. Traditional materials and objects are placed in different contexts that challenge the established notions of their representation within Western society. Remy gets his inspiration from Afro-religious elements of the traditional Maroon culture in Suriname and the Diaspora. At the same time he is inspired by Western trends in art and modern communication technology. Remy first studied art at the Academy for Higher Arts and Cultural Studies in Paramaribo. After moving to Amsterdam in 1990 he studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Since his first group exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Jungerman has participated in several solo and group exhibitions worldwide. His work has also been published in numerous publications worldwide. Various institutions and private collectors worldwide have acquired his work, a.o. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum de Paviljoens, NAI Rotterdam, Africa Museum Berg en Dal, Museum for Modern Art Arnhem, Rennies Collection Vancouver, Art Omi collection NY and The Francis J. Greenburger Collection NY. In 2008 Remy received the Fritschy Culture Award from the Museum het Domein, Sittard The Netherlands.