Ronald Edens (NL, 1966)
Painting, Spatial
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Kruitberg 1003B
Saturday + Sunday
12:00 - 18:00



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Ronald Edens

Art movements such as Pop art and Minimal art inspire Ronald Edens. He works with ordinary materials, particularly with (found) wood. 'Basic' and 'raw' are applicable terms to describe his wood objects. The two-dimensional in his figurative works, although even these are not without relief, have a strong trompe l'oeil effect and together with his three-dimensional works put up the concept of colour and space. Ronald’s themes stem from fashion, advertising, everyday images and trivial objects. His series houtcouture provides a new perspective on the fascination with brands in present-day fashion. His abstract works on the other hand are minimal and geometrical. They are a search for depicting playfulness and dynamism in repetitive shapes and colours.