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Carmen Hogg

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De stijl van Zuidoost

De stijl van Zuidoost (“The style of South-east”) is a production of style anthropologist Carmen Hogg to celebrate the Bijlmer- a neighbourhood she loves with people that inspire her. Yet, she believes that from the outside South-east and its people (still) have to deal with a lot of stereotypical ideas. She therefore decided to create The style of South-east- an ode to her favourite neighbourhood in Amsterdam.


De stijl van Zuidoost (DUTCH) | De stijl van Zuidoost is is a mini documentary by style anthropologist Carmen Hogg in which she captures the visual identity of the borough and it’s people.  Our clothes, hair-do’s, tattoos, make-up all tell stories. Stories of who we are, what we believe in and to who or what we relate. Style anthropologist Carmen Hogg is interested in these stories: What does your style say about you and what do you say about your style? What do these stories say about us? With her research she wants to visually celebrate diversity, individuality and our connectedness.


About Carmen

Carmen is a style anthropologist. She believes style is a way of speaking without having to use words. Carmen is interested in the stories that we share through our style and how we relate to one another with our style. “I believe that our style is the visual expression of our identity and a powerful tool to dismantle bias” To her, style is a vehicle for social change.


Through the stories we share with our style we express our identity and are able to overcome stereotypical ideas that one has- ideas that are often based on our physical look; the colour of our skin, the colour of our hair, our height, and so on and so forth. Through style we can celebrate our own, unique self. Style is therefore a means to tell stories and shift perspectives.

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Zaterdag 20 oktober 2018

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm