Heike Tjepkema

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Heike Tjepkema

Nederland | Mixed Media, Ruimtelijk, Video | Film

Heike Tjepkema is a multidisciplinairy artist – she makes spatial installations, videos and paintings/drawings. The environment plays an important role in her work. She investigates the relation between  herself and her surroundings. This results in various themes: loosing grip, being lost, or rediscovery of phenomena for example trying to frame or catch air. In her work one often encounters empty spaces.

In her short films/video she reflects on social issues and tries to get as close as possible to her subject.

Her last series of work “everything appears to be real” is a her visual journal – what happens when one enters a life treathening situation? The result is a graphic novel  – confronting but also poetic.

For her audiovisual projects she traveled to West Africa. This has resulted among others in Videoletters, a project where children from the Netherlands and The Gambia/Senegal give insight into their own lives and a short film “NOMMO”. This film was inspired by her memories about a boy she met in Mali years ago.

In 2016 she presented “The Spoken World Project” a video installation at the Stephen Smith Fine Art Gallery in Birmingham (Alabama). For this project she worked togheter with Spoken Word artist Sharrif Simmons.


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Zaterdag 20 oktober 2018

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Open Ateliers Kruitberg