Jesper Buursink

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Jesper Buursink

Nederland | 1981 |

Jesper Buursink is an artist, radiomaker, filmmaker and MC. In the first place he is a radiomaker for VPRO and BNNVARA on various subjects, such as a notorious Amsterdam swindler, the rare common redstart and the contemporary art scene of Benin. But he is also known for his mobile radio projects like MOB-Mobiele Omroep Bijlmer (with or Radio Komkomkommer (with De Buurtcamping).

As an artist he is active in different art-collectives like Pink Pony Express and Cascoland. He combines his work as a film and radiomaker with his role as an artist. Different short and long filmdocumentaires are the result like ‘Krap’ (2017) about people living in a debt situation or ‘What can be this’ (2018) about a mural on the Hakfort flat. Next to this he makes drawings with a very distinctive style and is very productive as an MC with, Ike Melchizedek and Dj Sids.

Waar & wanneer?

Zaterdag 20 oktober 2018

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Open Ateliers Kruitberg