Bijlmer Open Gallery: One and the same place

Open Group, Irina Leifer, Jesper Buursink, E.V.A.
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Kruitberg 1003a

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One and the same place

Stanislav Turina and Yuriy Biley, two of the four permanent members of the Ukrainian artist collective Open Group, present the Bijlmer Open Gallery: One and the same place.

One and the same place is a site-specific audio installation about the temporary home and exhibition space of the Open Group in Amsterdam Southeast. Balancing on the edge of public and private space the installation uses the first impressions of local residents narrating about one and the same place in their mother tongue. The Open Group creates this installation in collaboration with radio maker Jesper Buursink.

This project takes place in the frame of the international project Open Gallery Ukraine-the Netherlands: 1000 km view initiated by Amsterdam-based curator Irina Leifer and Kyiv-based curators Maria Lanko and Lizaveta German in collaboration with Biruchiy Contemporary Art Project and Open Ateliers Zuidoost. This project is supported by TANDEM and Stadsdeel Amsterdam Zuidoost.