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Ask yourself; never sex or music again?
Did you say sex … then we can talk.

From high school I have been actively involved with music, hip hop to start. I wrote a lot and the dream was of course to break through. Fast forward and the breakthrough hasn’t happened yet, but at the same time I dare to say that many people in the scene know me or at least have heard about me.

Just like outside, I am a jack of all trades in music. From rapper, to party-mc, to DJ, to producer, poet, writer, producer. I just do me. And one time I have to dive in skill-set a, the other time in skill-set b_a002.

Above all, we can at least state that I am good at words.
Usually also good with people ..
But sharing is the shit!
So let’s share words, with each other, with the world, with yourself and with the microphone.
Modesty graces man, so I can’t say much about myself ..
Except that I really feel like ka-pot, to be the bridge between the words that you think and that we are going to write and record.

Where & When?

7 December 2019

1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Jeugdtheaterschool Zuidoost locatie Heesterveld