Astrid Jibodh

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Astrid Jibodh

Suriname | 1954 | Drawing, Painting

Astrid Jibodh is a Surinamese painter and teacher. 

Astrid started drawing at elementary school. She received her first drawing award at the age of 12. 

Astrid has a degree in teaching for elementary school (Pabo), Dutch and drawing. In 1991 she studied at the Training Institute for Pedagogy and Special Education in Amsterdam. Since 2009 Astrid is a cultural coordinator for education. History, the jungle, biblical stories, the sea, travelling and her surroundings inspire Astrid in her artistic work. Her work consists of paintings, placemats, embroidery and postcards. You can see her work both in Suriname and in her studio in Amsterdam where she also organizes painting workshops for children and adults. Astrid has exhibited locally as well as internationally in a.o. Kouwenoord (1999), Kruitberg (2001) de Waterbron Stadionplein, Keerpunt Amstelveen (2008), Buurthuis Duivendrecht, Galerie Libbe Venema (2009) and Fort Zeelandia (2013). Since 1999 she is part of Open Ateliers in Amsterdam Southeast.