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België | 1986 / 1988 | Performance, Photography, Spatial, Video | Film

‘buren’ is a collaborative project of Oshin Albrecht and Melissa Mabesoone. The term buren was found in Heideggers’ Building, Dwelling, Thinking where buren falls together with building and living. What does it mean to nest oneself, to keep a household? In their individual practices making work happens in negotiation with the space. The space becomes ‘their own’ while at the same time it can never be. In the process of work and discussion a shared practice came about, where buren functions as a noun and as a verb. Together Oshin and Melissa research subconscious sensations and desires of their work and life, ways of dealing with commodity and property, the promise of happiness and a unique identity. They reflect on how women are depicted in art history, contemporary art and in our society. Oshin and Melissa juggle with the role of the spectator and of the visitor. Through text they use the visitor’s imagination to enter new spaces and create a different glance on the installed space again and again. In 2014 Oshin and Melissa resided in the Bijlmer as part of BijlmAIR residency programme, organised by CBK Zuidoost, SMBA & Stichting Flat.