Clarence Creebsburg

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Clarence Creebsburg

Netherlands | Music, Performance, Video | Film


Hot O Twenty, the home of Hip Hop and R&B, is a platform for Hip Hop culture that has developed over the years in the Netherlands. Throughout the years Hot O Twenty has been supporting Hip Hop culture by means of an Internet radio station, where artists in the field of arts and culture get the opportunity to express themselves. Hip Hop is a cultural movement, best known for its music, but characterised by four elements: Rap/Beatboxing, DJ-ing, Graffiti and Breakdance. The movement has its origin in The Bronx of the nineteen seventies, one of the poorest neighborhoods of New York where the population is predominantly African-American and Latino.


The Foundation Get Entertained is a multicultifunctional company that focuses on the multicultural society by providing modern training- and guidance programmes in the entertainment industry. Get Entertained strives to cooperate and form partnerships with social enterprises that share the objectives of development, activation and support for young people. Recent projects are Safe Sex Comedy, IN CONTROL, Youth participation GEIN, Clean it Up Tour, Summer Street Games, Street Comedians and BECOMING YOU.