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USSR | 1968 | Mixed Media, Music, Performance, Spatial, Video | Film

Dmytro Biloiartsev (D. RIBA) started his musical education at the age of five at the Odessa Music School. From 1980 onwards he learned to play several guitars and traditional Ukrainian instruments in DUDARIKI Orchestra at the Experimental Music Studio in Odessa. In 1982 he had already played in several bands while at the same time he was composing and creating musical arrangements. Between 1985 and 1988 he studied at the Odessa National Academy of Electronics and Telecommunications (A.S. Popov) at the Higher Mathematics Department. During these years he began to investigate and experiment with analogue electronic instruments. From 1992 onwards D. RIBA is working internationally. He composes music and plays in bands with a wide range of styles and origins. He has had opportunity to collaborate and play together with professionals from all over the world, such as: Australian Aboriginals, Mongolians, Tuvinians, Chinese, ex-USSR Middle Asians, Greeks, Senegalese, South Africans and Brazilians. D. RIBA sees this experience as his real education. In the 1990s D. RIBA participated in experimental audio events run by Radio Potapou and later Radio100 in Amsterdam. Next to composing and performing music he sometimes works as DJ and consultant for sound performances and recordings, participates in theatre plays and makes soundtracks for short films. During the last ten years D. RIBA has worked in collaboration with many visual artists such as Dan Bodner (USA), Arkady Nasonov (RU), Sergey Anufriyev (UA), Lucia Macari (MD/NL), Brian McKena (CA/NL) and Irina Birger (IL/NL).