Dherl Deekman

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Dherl Deekman

Suriname | 1972 | Music

When Dherl Deekman was six he moved from Paramaribo to Amsterdam. At the age of thirteen he became infected with the Hip Hop virus. Under the spell of American music he started his first rap crew Scorpio with two friends. Until he turned eighteen Dherl went to all the music competitions and performed everywhere. Afterwards he began to concentrate on playing the keys and developing his singing voice. He made an instinctive choice to study pedagogy in 2003 at that moment he did not know exactly why. “The older I get, the more sense it makes that I became a pedagogue”. Dherl is the founder of Toekomst Muziek (Future Music); an association that shows young people a musical road upwards, within music or in other fields. He is also the producer, singer and songwriter in the band Minstrel with whom he just released a third album entitled Tree of Love. The album contains twelve new City Blues songs exploring the ups and downs of love and life. The songs mix styles and sounds from blues, funk, Hip Hop, rock and reggae. Minstrel navigates between these genres and combines them with the same ease.