Els Petit

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Els Petit

Netherlands | 1981 | Fashion

Els Petit is the designer behind the fashion label Elsewerk. Els creates women’s collections that are refreshingly bold and dare you to be worn. Besides her collections Els creates tailored items on request (bridals) and gives workshops and sewing classes. The new concept collections of Elsewerk 2.0 are collaborations between different artists and Elsewerk in which all artists tell the collection’s story by making crossovers between the different (art) disciplines. The stories are translated in a presentation that fits the objects that come out of these collaborations. This could be a dance performance, a piece of music, an exhibition or anything in between. The first collection Peeling the Time was a collaboration between fashion label Elsewerk and studio for knitted design STRIKKS (Maartje Boer & Suzanne Vaessen), design-studio for product-development & co-creation IXXcreates (Jolijn Fiddelaers) and tapestry, graphic and jewellery designer B-made (Bernadette van de Braak).