Erik van Vugt

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Erik van Vugt

Netherlands | 1957 |

The paintings by Erik van Vugt deal with the gesture of nature. Nature forms his main motive and inspiration. Whatever he does nature permeates his life. Even in an urban environment with all its straight lines Erik discovers nature time and again. For him a dialectical philosophy is a way to come to a better understanding and portrayal of this. Both the principle of movement in time (thesis – antithesis – synthesis) as well as the interaction and complementarity between the opposites nature and culture inspire him to create his paintings. In these paintings he wants to come to a sort of reconciliation in which so-called dead matter is elevated to potential living matter. Nature flows like a mighty river through life and falls together with it: an exchange of energy and metabolism. An interaction exists between life and nature, a dialectic, a conversation. An implicit order must exist in nature that is at the same time reflected in life and it propels life. With oil paint, colour, brushstroke and composition Erik tries to depict these interactions and contradictions of nature. This search is his inspiration and painting motif.


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7 December 2019

1:00 pm - 7:00 pm