Euge Louisa

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Euge Louisa

Mixed Media, Painting

Some of you already may have heard about something called synesthesia. For those of you who haven’t…

As kids we all have synesthesia. It’s a brain state where all five senses are connected. That’s why we have this rich fantasy and imagination as a kid. As our brain develops, it gets rid of the unnecessary or unused connections.

More than 95% of kids develop a brain which includes the disconnection of all the five senses. Within the remaining 5% some connections between the senses stays intact. They remain intact because of brain activities which stimulates them to transfer information from one location to another.

So, basically, that’s when you have synesthesia. You experience synesthesia if (or when) you have a sensation through one sense while it’s being pulsated by a whole different sense.

This anomalous blending, in my case known as chromesthesia, allows me to see sounds. It’s so strong, it’s my starting point during my creative process, because of it my art becomes rich in diversity, which makes each piece a cohesion of beautifully organized chaos.

19.00 at LOLA BAE


Where & When?

7 December 2019