Frank Creton

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Frank Creton

Suriname | 1941 | Painting

Frank Creton uses a vast variety of techniques in his work, however his oeuvre mostly consists of oil paintings. The themes in his work range from slave history to funeral rituals and ceremony. Frank Creton’s objective is to paint the socio-cultural history of Suriname. He wants to share the vast and complex history of Suriname through his works of art. In his works Frank Creton identifies customs, manners and resistance situated in a certain time frame. Moreover, he informs the world about the material heritage of Suriname by painting urban and rural areas. The same goes for painting women in kotomissie (traditional dress) and anjisa (tied headscarf), funeral rituals, etcetera. The paintings themselves are already part of the body of Surinamese cultural heritage in general and in particular of the Surinamese as well as Dutch art history. If a viewer approaches his paintings with an open mind s/he can (re)discover the complex socio-cultural history of the Caribbean and preserve its cultural history.

This short text is based on a longer text on the work of Frank Creton written by Jules Rijssen.