Freak Du Artz

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Freak Du Artz

Drawing, Fashion

Freak Du Artz moved as a young teenager from The Hague to Amsterdam Southeast, better known as the Bijlmer. De Bijlmer is a place where many cultures come together and where fashion influences from all over the world merge. It is the ultimate breeding ground where trends arise. He started as a hairdresser and quickly developed into a hairdresser for a number of trend-setting artists. Due to his eccentric and extravagant appearance, combined with his trend-setting cutting style, he quickly became a successful and much-needed hairdresser.

Now known for his sense of trends, he increasingly developed his own fashion style. It didn’t take long before he pimped his own clothing to his own vision. By adding extra texts and accentuating them with swarovski stones, he quickly got the nickname Freaky.

The young Freaky got a kick from customizing T-shirts and hoodies. His drawings and designs have since inspired a wider audience. His designs were now also used for body decoration, such as body painting and tattoos. Freak, however, not only wanted to design, but preferred to immortalize his designs by placing the tattoos himself. He was now a tattoo artist.

He nmasters the three trend-setting fashion disciplines of the new millennium.

Freak Du Artz brings the three disciplines together in his eccentric way. Inspired by the old school, with a fresh creativity of the present. Freakz Du Artz Academy, a creative, urban-inspired breeding ground, is the place where he gives workshops.

Where & When?

7 December 2019

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm