Giefa Sparkle

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Giefa Sparkle


Georgiefa Boomdijk also known as Giefa Sparkle is a rising star. Born on July 3, 1999 in Amsterdam, she has loved to sing and dance since her childhood. She started dancing at a young age at the Lucia Marthas dance academy.

Georgiefa grew up in a musical family with her father, a kaseko (Surinamese percussion) musician, who travels to and from Suriname and the Netherlands where he performs. His career was therefore the reason, and at the same time inspiration, to make her own music. Her inspiration comes from the 90s. Her big examples are Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, but her biggest source of inspiration is herself.

As she grew older, Giefa started writing poetry and her own songs. Her first TV program was The voice Kids in 2014, where she entered her blind audition with “Halo” by Beyonce. Here she came to the semi-final. Since then Giefa has been at several festivals such as Kwaku Summerfestival, WOOHAH! and Vunzige Deuntjes.

Giefa made her first film debut in 2017 with the lead role in the cinema film “Sing Song” with, among others, Kenny B, Glen Faria and Maurits Delschot.

Giefa is currently working on Dutch-language music and is attending the Herman Brood Academy where she is following the Hip Hop Vocal Composer course.

Where & When?

7 December 2019

1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Jeugdtheaterschool Zuidoost locatie Heesterveld