Imre Bergmann

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Imre Bergmann

Netherlands | Design, Spatial

Inspired by her graduation project ‘Wereldservies’ – conceptual dinnerware that connects people from different cultures by letting them enjoy a meal together – Imre has fully focused on working with ceramics after her graduation at the Art Academy. That is how her label design *by Imre Bergmann came about. It is a label with pure, handmade ceramic products that are characterized by a certain simplicity and minimalism. This can be in both shape and color. All her designs are handmade by Imre in her Amsterdam studio.

Her designs often contain an underlying message. With Positive Vibes tableware full of cheerful prints and texts such as ‘enjoy your day’, ‘taste with your senses’ and ‘relaxing cup of tea’, she gives people the opportunity to reflect on the fact that food can be a moment of rest during the day and that it is important to enjoy food. This as a counterpart to the hectic society in which we live. Waste not wasted is a collection consisting of unglazed porcelain vases. These vases were created from casts of (parts of) everyday plastic (disposable) packaging. By creating these ‘worthless’ everyday objects in (coloured) porcelain Imre tries to give these objects renewed value, beauty and sustainability.