Jan Hoek

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Jan Hoek

Netherlands | 1984 | Mixed Media, Photography, Spatial

Jan Hoek investigates the relationship between the photographer and the photographed. Jan tries to capture the expectations that a certain group of people in a specific place has when they are being photographed. He studies how these expectations differ, in a happy or painful way, from the expectations of the photographer. Jan’s work often deals with prejudices, how one perceives black and white, the west and the non-west, rich and poor.

For The Moving Museum of Clothes Jan looks for new models for his work in the immediate vicinity of SouthEast. To come to a better
understanding of Amsterdam Southeast he switched homes with someone from the neighbourhood for a short amount of time. In his work indistinct people from the neighbourhood will be his models. With them Jan explores how the relationship between model and photographer can be shaped anew. Can a model choose what s/he is wearing in the picture? If the model has a camera can the model still be model? Can one transform into another person by being photographed? What is the role of clothing in this?