Lard Buurman

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Lard Buurman

Nederland | 1969 | Photography

“The term photographysimply does not suffice when describing the body of work by Lard Buurman. The 21st century, for all its advances and overload in terms of the availability and retrievability of information, is severely behind regarding the necessary (re)definition of descriptors for hybrid artistic practices, of which Buurmans systematic photographic constructions are a noteworthy example.” Alexander Opper

Lard Buurman studied Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where he graduated in 1997. As a photographer he searches for new and hybrid forms of storytelling. He combines documentary aspects of photography with fictive aspects of image manipulation, through which a hybrid of documentary and staged photography emerges. Lard creates his photographic images by compiling many different exposures made from the same perspective. In doing so he connects the static immediacy of the singular photographic snapshot with the energy innate to the movement of cinema. A recurring theme in his work is the urban public space. This space is not only defined by buildings, architecture and infrastructure, but above all by the people who inhabit the space. In these people lies his interest, that is to say in their use of the city, in the functioning of public space and in the (co-)habitation in an urban landscape. The human body and the movements of individuals and groups are key components of his photography. He focuses on peoples’ poses, the shapes that their bodies take through acts like walking, waiting and carrying. By paying attention to this spatial choreography he allows the movement of a city to resonate in an image and turn it into a metaphor for the changeability and flexibility of these cities and their inhabitants. In his research he first focused on Europe, China followed and since 2008 he immersed himself in African cities.