Liloe Rix

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Liloe Rix

Nederland | 1990 | Music

Liloe Barend (1990) graduated from the ArtEZ Conservatory in 2012 as a singer-songwriter at the Popacademie in Enschede. She lives in Amsterdam where she is active as a guitar and music teacher. She performs as a singer-songwriter under the name Liloe Rix. She is also active as a guitarist in the all-girl cover band Lickety Split. She happily transfers her musical knowledge and love to other people and hopes that people will leave a performance with a happy attitude. As a singer-songwriter, she released her debut EP ‘Today’ in April 2015. The EP consists of five acoustic pop songs. The playful mandolin, banjo and violin parts that dance through the songs, give the songs a folk/country sound. She gets her inspiration from artist such as Bernhoft, KT Tunstall, Lisa Hannigan and Kimbra, which makes her music an admirable mix between intimate listening and optimistic dance music.