Lucia Macari

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Lucia Macari

Moldova | 1974 | Mixed Media, Music, Performance, Spatial, Video | Film

Lucia Macari uses dark humour to engage in a discourse of trauma in her artistic practice. Through live audio-visual performance and art objects Lucia plays with themes of private versus public, conscious versus unconscious and sacred versus profane. Her sharp and wit points of view show the absurdity and comedy in the bleakest subjects and situations. Lucia was born in Chişinǎu and moved to Amsterdam in the mid-2000s where she was confronted with feelings of isolation and culture shock. This led her to explore themes relating to nostalgia, survival and disconnectedness in several interdisciplinary performance pieces, though her work also deals with heavier political themes. All topics are shaped with the same tongue-in-cheek approach. At present Lucia’s primary artistic concern involves questions of value and commodification. Multilayered concepts, narrative extremism, provocation and an ongoing quest to depart from conventions are the ways in which Lucia seeks to expose and critique the weaknesses in politics, society and capitalism. Through a visual theatre of the absurd Lucia works through her own traumatic experience on a new level where the personal becomes political.