Maria Guggenbichler

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Maria Guggenbichler

Germany | Literature | Poetry, Mixed Media, Music, Performance, Spatial

Maria Guggenbichler is a conceptual artist; she uses social exchanges such as conversations, collaborations and jokes to find new functions for art in society. Her work is realised in ongoing and long-term dialogues and friendships. Outside institutional walls her projects create accessible, joyful and reciprocal spaces, in self-organised, informal and often domestic structures. Since 2005, Maria has collaborated with the artist Rosalie Schweiker. Together they organised a holiday for female artists (Funny Women Art, 2013); published a reader about the “fact that art institutions gladly incorporate feminism as long as it is authored by men” (Clever Men’s Art, 2014), and had a solo show under the name of a male artist (Outpost, Norwich, 2014). Since 2014, they have run a series of open gatherings in their respective homes along the question: Why do it at the Tate if you could do it in your living room? Together with curator Amal Alhaag, Maria founded the Side Room. At the Side Room (and occasionally at other, befriended places) Amal and Maria facilitate monthly “DJ Workshops for Women.” The Side Room is a platform for diverse actors’ intersectional feminist, queer and anti-colonial gathering, listening, learning, experimentation, dancing, DJ-ing, (re-)mixing, musings, and doings.