Mitchell van Ommeren

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Mitchell van Ommeren

Nederland | Music

Mitchell van Ommeren was born in a house full of music and grew up in a city full of sounds. He was always fascinated by creating and manipulating sounds. At a very young age he started writing his own song lyrics and worked together with producers for the music.

But van Ommeren was looking for more freedom to discover and create his own sound and started producing himself. The fine points in the musical structures and melodies, the loudness of the drum lines and the ultimate use of samples kept him busy day and night, so he decided to make his passion his profession.

The mix of his artistic and technical knowledge turned out to be broader applicability. From his autodidacte attitude he developed into an audio engineer, producer and performing artist. With a lot of experience, Van Ommeren has now built a successful, independent practice that ranges from composing and mixing to recording and engineering.