Mohamed Chertah

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Mohamed Chertah

Algerije | 1968 | Design, Mixed Media, Music, Painting

Mohamed Elhabib Chertah is an Amsterdam based artist who was born in Algeria and grew up in Morocco. In his earlier work Mohamed mostly used watercolour, in recent years however he mainly paints with acrylics in combination with other materials and techniques such as modelling paste, wire and collage. For Mohamed painting is a way of life. Colours play a leading role in this, for him colours are a translation of emotions, identity, religion and interpretations. Mohamed also works with glass fusing. Mohamed is not only a visual artist but also a passionate singer. His singing is formed by a fusion of classical Arabic music and Dutch texts. Both in his music and in his paintings his background plays a prominent role in style as much as in message. His work seems to be a search for freedom and inspiration in life. This search characterises his powerful and playful style.