Open Group

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Open Group

Ukraine | 1988 | Mixed Media, Spatial

Yuriy Biley and Stanislav Turina are two of the four founding members of the Ukrainian artist collective Open Group and are currently OAZO AIR artists in residence. The practice of the Open Group is based on researching the interaction and communication between people, artists, situations and spaces. For each project the Open Group expands with local artists and non-artists, the number of temporary members varies from one person to several hundreds. Their main project is Open Gallery. Open Galleries are outlined spaces created upon invitation or own initiative en plein air and in (non-) art venues. If an Open Gallery inhabits a specific space it becomes a temporary territory for exhibiting works of art or spaces as objects in their own right. With their Open Galleries the collective question the form, place and status of galleries, exhibition spaces, modes of display as well as the position and role of audiences. By creating work in relation to specific environments and contexts the collective aims to re-evaluate conventional ideas about public space and through that generate alternative communal experiences. After being completed each Open Gallery remains in its initial environment without further control of the artists.