Otto Krol

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Otto Krol

Netherlands | 1949 | Painting

Otto Krol creates his paintings based on photos that he makes in his surroundings and while travelling. The subjects of his paintings are diverse: buildings, streets, details thereof, interiors, food, people, etc. Otto creates his small works (30 x 40 cm) in one day. He paints as transparent as possible. For him the trick lies in stopping on time. His work is less about the subject than about the contrasts that are formed by sunlight. Surfaces, shapes and colours form the essence of a painting for him. Without light, a work cannot exist. Edward Hopper, David Hockney and Henri Matisse are examples of this for Otto. Oddly enough, in line with these painters, some form of representation appears to be needed. However this should not dominate the real essence. It is about finding a balance.