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Netherlands | 1979 | Literature | Poetry, Music, Performance

Storyteller and copywriter Justin Samgar, also known as PoetryPusher, is a storyteller who uses poetry, prose, comedy, music and performance art to write commissioned texts as well as texts to express his own personal story. Inspiring, out of the box and humour are the three basic elements of his writing-style. On stage he creates light-heartedness with his pace and evokes imagination by the silences he claims.

Justin’s work has been presented in various media such as Spuiten & Slikken (BNN), Dichter bij het Nieuws (101TV), Freaknacht (3fm), Playboy and het Parool. For 3FM and BNN he has performed serenades for Isis, Ancilla Tilia, Bobbi Eden, Bibi Schouten, Zimra Geurts and created odes for Joost van Bellen, Lange Frans, Party Squad, Nobody Beats The Drum, Don Diablo and many more. PoetryPusher has performed at various festivals and events such as Lowlands, Mysteryland, de Parade, Museumnacht Amsterdam & Utrecht, Stukafest and Amsterdam Open Air.