Ramaz Goiati

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Ramaz Goiati

Georgia | 1966 | Spatial

During the last three years I have been working on a concept in which the use of hard insulating foam play a major role. I’m working in both large and small formats, with three dimensional letters from the Georgian alphabet- a series of works in which I hark back to my Georgian roots. This is the alphabet of my youth, with which I’ve grown up, and through which, my view of the world has been formed. The warmth and power of my culture is stored in the insulation of the foam. I also make letters in silver, concrete and earth, as well as using insulation foam. Through use of letters, I also make reference to the speed-obsessed, conceptual ‘word-world’ in which we live, a world in which words are more important than feelings. The title of the series – Bike Path- refers to this other world, in the Netherlands, where I now find myself. With my work I hope to bring together these two different cultures and landscapes.


Where & When?

7 December 2019

1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Open Ateliers Kruitberg