RaQuel van Haver

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RaQuel van Haver

Colombia | 1989 | Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

RaQuel van Haver was born in Bogota and was raised in the Netherlands, where she found here interest in art. Her paintings and drawings are big, raw, monumental and dark. In her work RaQuel fuses the tradition of painting with contemporary themes about the search for identity and issues of Black, Western, Caribbean and Latin American identity, religions, values and experience. Her work begins with observations that she translates into a new form. With photos and sketches as her basis she creates a new non-existent world or reality by means of techniques such as collage and fragmentation. The stories on the canvas are fragmented and always ask for interpretation and reflection on reality. The viewer is confronted with figures and masks that are recognisable but hard to grasp since they are depicted in unexpected ways. She rearranges reality and common perception by confronting the beholder with her/his own identity and the identity of the ‘Other’. The figures are slightly larger than life but it is above all the dominating character of these figures, the thick layers of dark paint and the structure of the paint that can make a viewer feel uncomfortable. RaQuel also collaborates with other visual artist as well as musicians, producers and poets to come to a better understanding of her subject and particularly the culturally specific hybridity of Latin American, African and European traditions.