Roosje Verschoor

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Roosje Verschoor

Nederland |

Roosje Verschoor graduated in 2016 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in the photography department. During her studies, she created photos and videos made out of her own material and found images. What fascinates her enormously are hidden stories and connections that determine our identity. Questions she asks are ‘What makes us who we are?’ and ‘Which unconscious ideas do we carry with us?’. In order to translate this in her photos and videos, she does research. She studies literature and sources, interviews people and goes traveling to create an image that uses both reality and fiction.

During the Open Art Route she’ll exhibit with a photo series that show the beauty of Tupperware in the vicinity of Botopasi (Central Suriname). With this series she wants to reveal the hidden story behind the reality of ‘living in nature’.