Sato Atmopawiro

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Sato Atmopawiro

Suriname | 1949 | Drawing, Painting

Wagiman Sato Atmopawiro left school after Primary Education and ended up in advertising. He was particularly active in lettering design commissioned by friends, organizations and companies. Years later he studied at the National Institute of Arts and Culture in Paramaribo. In 1974 he moved to the
Netherlands where he studied graphic design at the Ester school in Amsterdam. Sato created his early pencil drawings and watercolours portraying cityscapes, landscapes and nature mainly en plein air. In 2000 he was able to move into a studio and began a new adventure with other themes such as
singing, music and dance. (…) What stands out in his work is the slightly wavy lines reminiscent of the parang pattern in traditional Middle and East Java batik. “That is what I want to be recognized for.”

Translated excerpt from a text written by Harriette Mingoen and Elvra Rijsdijk.