Siobhan Wall

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Siobhan Wall

Verenigd Koninkrijk | Drawing, Photography

Siobhan Wall is interested in what it feels like to inhabit a woman’s body over time. She uses drawing and painting to explore feelings of intimacy and exposure. What often emerges, are surprisingly uninhibited female figures. Her drawings tend to be small and intensively worked on. She is never quite sure what images she will produce before she begins. She often scratches and strokes the paint on the paper, allowing a sense of vulnerability or ferocity to be expressed. She uses pencil, watercolour, gouache and acrylic; mixing up different media to create dense, skin-like works, which have a rough surface that invite touch. She loves the feel of wet paint and to see watercolour silently staining the white paper. These drawings are a like a fragmented dialogue with herself and a way of understanding the strange things that are happening beneath conscious awareness.  She often uses titles to add a poetic dimension to the work, a bit like a visual diary. She tries to capture a sense of spontaneity and freedom, which is important not only to her work, but also in her everyday life.

Where & When?

7 December 2019

1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Open Ateliers Kruitberg