Stacey Esajas

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Stacey Esajas

Netherlands | 1983 | Literature | Poetry, Performance

Already as a child Vanessa Stacey Esajas wanted to shine as an actress for a large audience. However when choosing for a study she chose for ‘safety’. In 2005 she completed her studies in Media & Entertainment at University of Applied Science. Since then she has used her organizational skills mainly in the social sector and worked a.o. as project coordinator at the National Youth Council. Stacey never gave up on her childhood dream and she has been performing at various venues for more than eight years now. She started as a comedienne at the Comedy Lounge and continued her quest for fame as actress and dancer in various dance and theatre productions. Since a couple of years Stacey also publicly performs her own poetry in the form of spoken word. Stacey is co-founder of inspiration network meeting Becoming You! She has recently hosted the NTR television programme Slavernij Voorbij (Beyond Slavery) and her portrait was recently displayed in the exhibition Wij… in Zuidoost (We … in Southeast) at CBK Zuidoost.